Blick auf die Burgruine Ulmen

A Time Travel... Castles and Culture

Would you like to travel back in time?

The Weinfelder Chapel, once the parish church of the disappeared town of Weinfeld or the Upper and Lower Castles in Manderscheid - these and many other historic places are evidence of a turbulent past.
Whether lovingly preserved religious buildings or the legacies of powerful castle lords - Immerse yourself in the history of the Vulkaneifel. A visit to one of our parks also offers pure landscape therapy.

Manderscheider Burgen

Manderscheid Castles

Only the narrow valley of the Lieser separates the two Manderscheid castles from each other, creating a unique interplay of nature and culture.

Weinfelder Kapelle

Weinfelder Chapel

The small chapel on the north bank of the Weinfelder Maar is dedicated to Saint Martin. It was once the parish church of the village of Weinfeld, which was struck by the plague in the 16th century and then abandoned. Hence the name “plague chapel”.

Burgruine Ulmen

Ulmen Castle Ruins

The few walls of the once stately Ulmen Castle tower over the steep banks of the Ulmen Maar. Only parts of the upper castle have been preserved for posterity.

Hilgerather Kirche

Hilgerath Church

The Hilgerath parish church, standing alone high up on the mountain, has always been a parish church. The tower dates from around the middle of the 15th century, as the design reveals.

Erlöserkapelle Mirbach

Mirbach Chapel Of The Redeemer

The Mirbach Redeemer Chapel was built in 1902/1903 in the neo-Romanesque style. The donors included numerous members of the nobility and some artists.

Burgruine Freudenkoppe

Freudenkoppe Castle Ruins

Around 1340, John the Blind of Luxembourg and Bohemia built a castle, now in ruins, on the volcanic cone of the Neroth Head (647 m) to secure his territory from competition from Trier. A short time later, in 1346, the castle fell to the same Electors of Trier.

Römische Villa Bodenbach

Roman Villa Bodenbach

A Roman site has long been known in the “Ober der steinigen Heck” corridor, which has been documented by numerous brick and slate finds. The site was further investigated in 2003.

Römische Villenanlage Duppach

Roman Villa Complex

As early as the beginning of the 20th century, elaborate sculpture finds, including a life-sized youth's head, were made in the area around the town of Duppach. Duppach is located close to the important Cologne-Trier Roman road.

Kloster Niederehe

Niederehe Monastery

The former Augustinian monastery was built from 1162 to 1175. In 1226 the order changed to the Premonstratensians, and in 1505 the women's monastery became a men's monastery of the Premonstratensians.

Afelskreuz Katzwinkel

Afelskreuz Katzwinkel

The Afelskreuz (indulgence cross) stands on an old Roman military road. Pilgrims from the Bonn-Cologne area have been traveling this route for centuries.

Burgruine Löwenburg

Löwenburg Castle Ruins

High above Gerolstein lie the ruins of the medieval hilltop castle. This is also known as Löwenburg or Gerhardstein Castle, named after Gerhard VI. from Blankenheim.

Erlöserkirche Gerolstein

Gerolstein Church Of The Redeemer

One of the absolute highlights of the Vulkaneifel region lies in the heart of Gerolstein: the Church of the Redeemer. Inside the church there are millions of golden mosaic stones that make the interior of the church shine spectacularly depending on the light.

Ringwall Barsberg

Barsberg Ring Wall

On the Barsberg near Bongard there is an area of around one hectare that was built on prehistorically. These buildings were protected by a ring wall; experts believe this to be an early historical complex.


Heyer Chapel

There is a neo-Romanesque chapel on the Heyerberg near Borler.

Abtei Himmerod

Himmerod Abbey

The more than 900 year old Cistercian monastery was the first founding of the Cistercian order in Germany. Even if the Cistercian convent was dissolved, the place remains special.

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