Burgruine Löwenburg

Löwenburg Castle Ruins

High above Gerolstein lie the ruins of the medieval hilltop castle. This is also known as Löwenburg or Gerhardstein Castle, named after Gerhard VI. von Blankenheim (1314 – 1350). The castle was first mentioned in documents in 1115 and was expanded by Gerhard IV in the 13th century into a defensive castle with a front and back castle.

After the Blankenheimers died out, Gerhardstein Castle passed to the House of Loon-Heinsberg in 1423 and to Dietrich III, Count of Manderscheid in 1468. In 1488 he divided his property among his three sons, with the second, Johann, inheriting, among other things, Gerolstein Castle and thus founding the Manderscheid-Blankenheim-Gerolstein line.

The Löwenburg was destroyed in the War of the Palatinate Succession in 1691 and was not rebuilt. Today the 11 m high shield wall and the remains of residential buildings are a reminder of the castle's once great importance as a ruler's seat. Located close to the Eifelsteig and the Vulkaneifel Keltenpfad, the castle ruins offer a great panoramic view over Gerolstein, the Gerolstein Dolomites and the Kylltal.

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Hiking trails
near the Löwenburg castle ruins

As everywhere in the Vulkaneifel, we invite locals and guests near the Löwenburg castle ruins to take an exciting tour of times gone by. Whether alone or with an expert guide - hike the region on one of the numerous hiking trails.

Further information about the Löwenburg castle ruins
https://www.eifel. info/a-burgruine-loewenburg-1


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