trockenes Maar von oben

Excursions into the history
of earth

How it all began A deep look into the past

The history of our earth - and our Vulkaneifel is a wonderful part of it - is exciting and fascinating. In the Vulkaneifel Geopark you can still find traces of the deepest past. Impressive witnesses to the history of the earth. Immerse yourself in a world that was created many millions of years ago.

Ulmener Maar-Stollen

Ulmener Maar Tunnel56766 Ulmen

Underground from one maar to another: at 126 meters on a journey of discovery through the history of the earth, peppered with information about the creation of today's landscape. 

wallender Born aktiv

Wallender Born 54570 Wallenborn

The Wallender Born indicates that there must have been a surging spring when the town was named, which gave it the place name “Wallenborn”, which is unique in Germany.

Lavabombe Strohn

Lavabombe Strohn 54558 Strohn

The Strohner lava bomb, a 120-ton basalt ball, is a geological peculiarity. With its diameter of almost five meters, it is an impressive, unique evidence of earlier volcanic activity in the Eifel.

Eishöhlen Birresborn

Ice Caves Birresborn54574 Birresborn

The Birresborn ice caves are - as the name suggests - refreshingly cold in summer. Used as ice storage for centuries, the temperature in the caves does not rise above 7 degrees, even in hot summers.

Wasserfall  Dreimühlen

Dreimühlen Waterfall 54578 Nohn

The Dreimühlen waterfall is probably the most famous waterfall in the Eifel. It was formed from lime deposits from three carbonate-rich source tributaries of the Ahbach.

Mühlsteinhöhle Rother Kopf

Mühlstein Cave Rother Kopf 54568 Gerolstein-Roth

If you want to get a deep insight into the interior of the Vulkaneifel, you should visit this millstone cave at the Rother Kopf volcanic cone northwest of Gerolstein.  

Vulkangarten Steffeln

Steffeln Volcano Garden54597 Steffeln

A partially preserved crater filling, an extremely informative tour and goats as landscape managers - the Steffeln volcanic garden is worth your visit.


Arensberg 54578 Zilsdorf

The Arensberg, one of the largest geological attractions in the Hillesheim holiday region, is the only significant volcanic peak from the Tertiary period.

Gerolsteiner Dolomiten mit Munterley

Gerolstein Dolomites With Munterley 54568 Gerolstein

Around 380 million years ago there was a warm, subtropical shallow sea here, in which mighty reefs made of stromatopores and corals were formed.


Buchenloch Cave 54568 Gerolstein

The Buchenloch cave is located on the north side of the Munterley in the nature reserve of the Gerolstein Dolomites. It is open all year round, but is only freely accessible via a ladder.


Papenkaule 54568 Gerolstein

The Papenkaule is an 80 meter wide and 20 meter deep volcanic crater and is now a valuable geotope and biotope. The Papenkaule, which is over 10,000 years old, is a real celebrity throughout the Eifel and something very special in terms of geological history.

Mühlsteinhöhlen Hohenfels-Essingen

Mühlstein Caves Hohenfels-Essingen54570 Hohenfels-Essingen

In Hohenfels-Essingen, experience a small but impressive cave labyrinth, created by mining millstones. The Mühlstein caves in Mühlenberg in Hohenfels-Essingen are accessible all year round via a small circular path.

Vulkanerlebnispark Mosenberg

Volcano Adventure Park Mosenberg54533 Bettenfeld

THE destination for those interested in geology. You see a large cross section through the volcanic cone. This is so unique that the Mosenberg volcanic group, together with the Meerfelder Maar, was included in the list of the 80 best geotopes in Germany in 2006.

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