Römische Villa Bodenbach

Roman Villa Bodenbach

A Roman site has been known for a long time on the “Ober der steinigen Heck” corridor, which has been documented by numerous brick and slate finds. In 2003, the site was discovered by the local community of Bodenbach using geomagnetics, a geophysical prospecting method. It turned out that the facility consists of a core structure (27x21 meters) and surrounding trenches. In 2007 and 2009 the site was geophysically examined again, but now using georadar and geoelectrics.

Archaeological excavations then took place in 2010 and 2013. Many exciting findings were achieved here. It turned out that the Roman villa, which was built in the 1st century AD as a purely civilian farm, was converted into a military fortress against invading Germanic tribes in the 3rd century AD. The 90 centimeter thick and therefore massive walls also bear witness to this. Other finds included pottery shards, glass shards, animal bones and some bronze coins with the image of Emperor Constans. A layer of fire allows the destruction of the complex to be dated to probably around 330 AD.

In order to present and preserve the findings of the investigations, the floor plan of the villa and the fortifications were visually recreated with planting. Information boards provide the necessary background knowledge. In this way, the findings about the Roman villa and the fortress can be experienced as a “museum in the landscape”.

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As everywhere in the Vulkaneifel, we invite locals and guests near the Roman Villa Bodenbach to take an exciting tour into bygone times. Whether alone or with an expert guide - hike the region on one of the numerous hiking trails.

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