Afelskreuz Katzwinkel

Afelskreuz Katzwinkel

The Afelskreuz (indulgence cross, inaccurately interpreted as the “Eifel Cross”) stands on an old Roman military road. Pilgrims from the Bonn-Cologne area have been traveling along this route to the grave of the holy apostle Matthias in Trier for centuries.

This path is also popularly known as the Pilgrim's Road. Another name is “Ferkelstrasse”, because until the 1930s farmers and traders drove cattle past the Afelskreuz to the markets in Kelberg and Mehren.

It is noteworthy that the cities of Trier and Cologne are the same distance, i.e. around 90 kilometers, from the Afelskreuz. The Romans already created a very well-developed network of paths that can still be seen today. Hörschhausen was the junction of several paths and roads from Roman times. A path also led from Hörschhausen to Bongard, which crossed the high road between Uess and Lieser where the Afelskreuz is located.

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As everywhere in the Vulkaneifel, we invite locals and guests near the Afelskreuz to take an exciting tour of times gone by. Whether alone or with an expert guide - hike the region on one of the numerous hiking trails.

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