„Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come" as Victor Hugo already knew in the 18th century. We also share our good ideas and are networked in many ways in order to continue to advance and sustainably develop the Volcanic Eifel together with our partners - we are preservers and mediators of home, nature, environment and people.

Networks at national level

German Commission for UNESCO

The German Commission for UNESCO is Germany's multilateral intermediary organisation for education, science, culture and communication. It is the interface between government, civil society and UNESCO. It ensures that UNESCO international law and UNESCO programmes have the best possible impact in this country and helps to ensure that the interests of the Federal Republic are successfully represented in UNESCO.


German Geological Society - Geological Association

The mission of the German Geological Society - Geological Association (DGGV) is to promote the geosciences in research and teaching, in business and administration, and to publish scientific findings. The DGGV communicates ideas and topics of basic and applied research within science, offers geoscientific expertise for public and economic concerns and promotes international cooperation between scientific organisations, institutions and associations.


Info about the 18 national geoparks in Germany are not only available digitally, but also in a brochure. The core elements of the website are geodiversity, geological heritage and geoprotection. 


Association of German Nature Parks

The Association of German Nature Parks (VDN) is the umbrella organisation of nature parks in Germany. The guiding principle for all VDN activities is: "Nature and landscape can only be protected and preserved together with people!" The VDN supports its members in establishing nature parks and developing them into model landscapes. It also promotes the exchange of experience and cooperation between nature parks in Germany and Europe. 


National Natural Landscapes

Nine National Natural Landscapes there are in Rhineland-Palatinate. Each of them is a very special place with many nature experience offers. They protect the climate, the environment and the landscape. But they also show what a sustainable interaction between people and nature can look like. 




Die Holiday region Eifel introduces itself: Fire, water, air and earth - hardly any other region in Germany is so characterised by the elements as the low mountain range of the Eifel. The landscape reflects the geological development of millions of years in fast motion: valleys criss-crossed by rivers, extinct volcanic cones, marshy dry maars, bizarre rock formations and piled-up mountain ranges. A landscape that seems to be constantly changing - a region that enjoys special protection through the creation of the Eifel National Park, UNESCO Global Geopark and nature parks.


From here - Vulkaneifel

Our producers create regional identity and make a positive contribution to the Vulkaneifel location that is worth seeing.



Networks at international level & Partnerships 

European Geoparks Network (EGN)

For more than 20 years, the European Geoparks have been networking.


UNESCO Global Geoparks & Global Geopark Network (GGN) 

Currently, more than 170 geopark regions in over 45 countries worldwide are members of UNESCO's International Geoscience & Geoparks Programme and are thus entitled to use the „UNESCO Global Geoparks“ seal. After the World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves, this programme represents the third category of land specially designated by UNESCO.

The UNESCO Global Geoparks are at the same time obligatory members of the „Global Geopark Network Association“ (GGN-Association).


Wudalianchi Global Geopark of China 

Partner since 2008 

The UNESCO Global Geopark Wudalianchi also has a valuable volcanic heritage from the Quaternary period. The volcanic landscapes are particularly well preserved and are described by experts as a "natural volcanic museum" and a "living textbook on volcanoes". There are also healing springs whose waters are used to promote health. Those who visit Wudalianchi can not only admire the magnificent natural scenery of the volcanoes and enjoy the special spring water, but also pamper their body and soul.

Hexigten Global Geopark of China

Partner since 2008

The UNESCO Global Geopark Hexigten is characterized by its unique, beautiful, systematic and comprehensive geographical heritage, representing the main types of geographical heritage in central Inner Mongolia. The UNESCO Global Geopark Hexigten is located at the junction of the North China Platform and the Xingmeng geosyncline, where three different types of vegetation meet. The climate is a combination of the dry Mongolian climate in the north and the wetter climate in the south and east. This location makes the Hexigten unique and provides various scenic areas.
The boundless grasslands in Inner Mongolia lie at the interface between Northeast China and North China flora and have very high biodiversity.

Leiquiong Global Geopark of China

Partner since 2017

The UNESCO Global Geopark Leiqiong lies on the southern edge of mainland China and straddles the Qiongzhou Strait. The geology is characterized by the Leiqiong Trench volcanic belt and contains records of the formation of the Leiqiong Trench and the spreading of the South China Sea basin. There are 75 geological landmarks in the UNESCO Global Geopark Leiqiong, most of which are volcanic in nature. Approximately 38 protected volcanoes are spread throughout the Geopark, including examples of almost all types formed by basaltic and phreatomagmatic explosions.


Mudeungsan UNESCO Global Geopark of Korea

Partner since 2021



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