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Fascinating landscapesAs far as the eye can see

The vastness, the beauty and above all the special nature of the landscapes in the Vulkaneifel can only be appreciated as a whole from a bird's eye view. Hikers always experience breathtaking panoramas and inspiring views along the way. Observation towers were installed where the distant view is blocked or there is no space at height. We show you the Eifel views with the most beautiful views in the Geopark.


Eifel View Steffelberg 54597 Steffeln

From the Eifel view on the Steffelberg you have an impressive distant view to the northeast over the Kylltal and the Hillesheimer Kalkmulde all the way into the Ahreifel and the Vulkaneifel.

Eifel-Blick Steinbüchel

Eifel View Steinbüchel 54586 Schüller

From the Eifel view on the Steinbüchel you have an impressive long-distance view to the northeast over the Kylltal and the Hillesheimer Kalkmulde far into the Ahreifel and the Vulkaneifel.

Hasenberg Hütte mit Friedenskreuz

Eifel View Hasenberg 54589 Stadtkyll 

From the Eifel view Hasenberg you can see the Kylltal. The southern foothills of the Dollendorfer Kalkmulde can be seen between the Kylltal and the Baasem/Dahlem Forest.

Aussicht "Auf Heilert"

Eifel View "Auf Heilert" 54597 Duppach

This Eifel view on the Duppacher Ridge is 612 meters above sea level and invites you to enjoy an impressive long-distance view over the Kylltal and the Hillesheimer Kalkmulde far into the Ahreifel and the Vulkaneifel.

11 Dörfer Blick Leudersdorf

Eifel View Leudersdorf 54579 Üxheim

The Eifel view Leudersdorf offers hikers an extensive panorama. You have a direct view of Leudersdorf, a district of Üxheim in the Hillesheimer Land, all the way to the Ahütte industrial area in the Ahrbachtal.


Eifel View Dietzenley 54568 Gerolstein

The Eifel view Dietzenley is characterized by a viewing tower from which you can enjoy an impressive view of the landscape of the Vulkaneifel.

Eifel-Blick Ernstberg

Eifel View Ernstberg 54570 Hinterweiler

From the Eifel view Ernstberg you have an extremely beautiful view. In winter you will also find very good winter sports opportunities here with groomed cross-country ski trails, a toboggan slope and a hut with ski rental.


Eifel View Herrenseifen53539 Kelberg

From this Eifel view you can see the climatic health resort of Kelberg. As the name suggests, the “Kel” testifies to Celtic ancestors. In the Celtic language it means a hill.

Eifel-Blick Hochkelberg

Eifel View Hochkelberg 53539 Kelberg

At 675 meters high, the Hochkelberg is one of the ten highest mountains in the Vulkaneifel. This Eifel view is located on its summit and offers an impressive view of the region.

Eifel-Blick Gefell

Eifel View Schloscheid 54552 Gefell

At the Eifel view Schloscheid, the visibility extends around sixty kilometers when the weather is clear. An impressive panorama from the volcanic cones of the Eifel across the Moselle valley to the heights of the Hunsrück and Hochwald.

Aussichtsturm "Eifel-Kuck"

Observation Tower "Eifel-Guck" 56767 Sassen

On the observation tower "Eifel-Guck" you can enjoy an impressive 360 degree view over the Vulkaneifel and the Hochkelberg.

Eifel-Blick Kreuzberg

Eifel View Kreuzberg 54552 Schönbach

At the Eifel view Kreuzberg, 516 meters above sea level, you can expect a far-reaching view over the Eifel landscape all the way to the Hunsrück mountain ranges.

Eifel-Blick Semersberg

Eifel View Semersberg 54552 Darscheid

At the Eifel view Semersberg you not only have a beautiful view of the town of Darscheid, but on a clear day you also have an extremely wide view.


Lookout Castle Dronketurm 54550 Daun

If you want to enjoy a worthwhile view with an incredible view over the Vulkaneifel, you must definitely visit this special place.  

Aussichtsturm Landesblick mit Eifel-Blick

Observation Tower Landesblick 54531 Meerfeld

This viewing point above the Meerfelder Maar is unique. From the edge of the crater you have a picturesque view of the Mosenberg, Meerfeld and the Meerfelder Maar.

Eifel-Blick Belvedere

Eifel View Belvedere 54531 Manderscheid

Hikers have a magnificent view of the deep Liesertal, the Manderscheid castles and the town of Manderscheid on the other side of the valley.

Steg an der Achterhöhe

Eifel View Achterhöhe 56826 Lutzerath

From this vantage point you have a great view of the Siebenbachtal. At the same time, the place with its forest sofa invites you to relax and enjoy.

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