Weinfelder Kapelle

Weinfelder Chapel

The small chapel on the north bank of the Weinfelder Maare is dedicated to Saint Martin. It was once the parish church of the village of Weinfeld, which was struck by the plague in the 16th century and then abandoned. Hence the name “plague chapel”.

The earliest foundations of the church probably date back to Roman times. There was initially a Celtic sanctuary in the same place. The first mention of a church in Weinfeld dates back to 1044, making the church one of the oldest in the Eifel. To this day, the adjacent cemetery is maintained and used by the local community of Schalkenmehren. Another name for the Weinfelder Maar, Totenmaar, is derived from this. According to legend, whoever makes the bells ring inside the chapel by pulling the ropes can make a wish.

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As everywhere in the Vulkaneifel, we invite locals and guests near the Weinfelder Chapel on an exciting tour of times gone by. Whether alone or with an expert guide - hike the region on one of the numerous hiking trails.

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