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Weinfelder MaarImpressive evidence of earth's explosive history

The Weinfelder Maar - also known as Totenmaar - is one of the three so-called Daun Maars. It is located about 2 kilometers from our district town of Daun in the local community of Schalkenmehren between the Gemünden and Schalkenmehren Maar. It has a diameter of around 525 meters and is 51 meters deep. This makes it the deepest of the three Daun Maars. It is the youngest and, at 487 meters above sea level, the highest of the three closely adjacent maars that were formed 20,000 to 30,000 years ago.

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  • Coordinates: 50° 10´35´´N/06°50´01´´E
  • Elevation: 487 m
  • Crater diameter: 700 m
  • Crater depth: 90 m
  • Lake diameter: 492 m (N-S) and 396 m (W-E)
  • Lake depth: 51 m

  • Blick auf die Weinfelder Kapelle © Natur- und Geopark Vulkaneifel GmbH, Kappest
  • Wanderer am Weinfelder Maar © Natur- und Geopark Vulkaneifel GmbH, Kappest

Protected paradise

Not to be missed on the edge of the maar: the Dronke tower. From this observation tower you have a wonderful view over the vastness of the Eifel. Nearby, the steep terrain is tempting for skiing and tobogganing in winter. In summer - unlike in the two neighboring Dauner Maaren - swimming in the Weinfelder Maar is prohibited. The maar and its immediate surroundings are protected. You can still appreciate the special nature of the volcanic landscape. When hiking, every step you take on the partly coarse-grained lava that forms the path here is a reminder of the spectacular origin story. 

Where there was once life

The Weinfelder Maar is also called the Totenmaar. This name is probably related to the nearby cemetery and its small chapel, some of which date from the 14th century. This chapel, dedicated to Saint Martin, was once the parish church of Weinfeld. The village fell victim to a plague epidemic in the 16th century. The cemetery is still used by the municipality of Schalkenmehren today.

Highlights nearby

The Weinfelder Maar is point 26 on the German Volcano Road

Hiking trails
around the Weinfelder Maar

This part of the Vulkaneifel offers hikers tours of various lengths and levels of difficulty. However, they all have one thing in common: the direct experience of exciting natural history.

  • MaareGlück

    HeimatSpuren MaareGlück

    Rundweg um Schalkenmehren und die Dauner Maare, vorbei an der Sternwarte Hoher List

    • Schwierigkeitsgrad: mittel
    • Strecke: 10,9 km -
    • Dauer: 3,5 Std.
    • Aufstieg: 320 hm -
    • Abstieg: 320 hm


  • Wallender Born

    Andere Vulkaneifelpfade Hinterbüsch-Pfad

    Von Üdersdorf nach Meerfeld

    • Schwierigkeitsgrad: schwer
    • Strecke: 34,1 km -
    • Dauer:  11 Std.
    • Aufstieg: 862 hm -
    • Abstieg: 700 hm


  • Blick auf das Gemündener Maar

    HeimatSpuren Großer Dauner

    Die Heimatspur Großer Dauner führt in der Natur rund um die Stadt Daun und entlang der Maare.

    • Schwierigkeitsgrad: mittel
    • Strecke: 29,1 km -
    • Dauer: 8,5 Std.
    • Aufstieg: 710 hm -
    • Abstieg: 708 hm


  • Weinfelder Maar

    Eifelsteig Etappe 11: Von Daun bis Manderscheid

    • Schwierigkeitsgrad: schwer
    • Strecke: 23,4 km -
    • Dauer: 7:00 Std.
    • Aufstieg: 564 hm -
    • Abstieg: 652 hm

    mehr auf dem Tourenplaner Rheinland-Pfalz

  • Immerather Maar

    Andere Vulkaneifelpfade Maare-Pfad

    Von Schalkenmehren bis Lutzerath

    • Schwierigkeitsgrad: schwer
    • Strecke: 34,7 km -
    • Dauer:  12 Std.
    • Aufstieg: 657 hm -
    • Abstieg: 672 hm



Guests can park along the L64 either in the parking lot at Weinfelder Maar or on the Maarsattel between Weinfelder and Schalkenmehrener Maar.



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