Both an award and a responsibility

After a strict assessment, a further 91 geoparks in 27 countries were allowed to bear the logo created by UNESCO. In accordance with the strict regulations, the “global geoparks” have a duty to preserve the geological, natural and cultural heritage of their specific regions and to maximise their sustainable, economic and geotouristic credentials. The exceptional title that they bear is not just an award; it is also a responsibility and a duty to further develop the geoparks’ diverse potential. The Vulkaneifel European Geopark takes this duty very seriously, as demonstrated by the continuous development of the packages and services on offer, in both quantity and quality.

UNESCO Global Network of Geoparks
The Vulkaneifel has been a member since the very beginning!

In early 2004, at an international meeting in Paris, UNESCO agreed to create a global network of geoparks.

The photo on the left shows (from left to right) shows Herr Dr. Schüller, Frau Dr. Patzak (UNESCO) and Herr Dr. Bitschene at the admission of the Vulkaneifel European Geoparks into the UNESCO Global Network of Geoparks.

This network should serve as a platform for the cooperation and sharing of experience between science, business and conservation partners aimed at preserving the natural, geological heritage.

Between 27th and 29th June 2004, on the occasion of the first international conference on “geoparks” in Beijing, China, under the auspices of UNESCO and the Chinese Ministry for Terrestrial Resources, the global geoparks network was launched with the aim of promoting awareness of the exceptional geological or geomorphological landscapes on our planet. Along with the VULKANEIFEL, the geoparks TERRA.vita and Bergstraße-Odenwald were German members from the very beginning.