Nature in the Vulkaneifel

No other holiday and tourist region in Germany is as strongly marked by volcanic activity as the Vulkaneifel. An area created around 10,000 years ago by the earth’s primeval forces is today an attractive tourist destination for holidaymakers interested in nature. The volcanoes in the Eifel may be dormant but the fascination for the landscape made by their volcanic activity continues unabated. The focus of this interest is the maars; there are more of them here than in any other holiday region in Europe. Vast roars accompanied by explosions once formed the maar craters, now the quiet celebrities of the Eifel. You are invited to bring your children or like-minded friends on exclusive walking, cycling and GPS tours, geological excursions and geocaching adventures, accompanied by our expert nature guides, to come and experience the unique beauties of Gemündener Maar, Weinfelder Maar, Schalkenmehrener Doppelmaar, Holzmaar, Meerfelder Maar, Pulvermaar and Strohner Määrchen.

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