As “Geopark Host Vulkaneifel” we welcome you to the Nature Park and UNESCO Global Geopark Vulkaneifel, the land of Maars and volcanoes, a low mountain range in the heart of Europe.
Dramatic events including violent explosions and fire spewing forth from the depths of the earth have blown holes in the planet‘s surface and created mountains in the Vulkaneifel. Up until 10,000 years ago the volcanoes here still gave off smoke and most recently the Ulmen Maar was formed – Germany‘s youngest volcano. Volcanic activity hasn’t completely disappeared, it‘s just taking a little break, waiting patiently for the next eruption. Nevertheless
the legacy has been impressive: some 350 small and large volcanoes, maars, lava flows and countless mineral and carbon dioxide springs. Yet the natural history of the Vulkaneifel offers even more: red sandstones, tropical reefs and powerful sea deposits tell of both peaceful and tumultuous times over the past 400 million years.
Few regions of our earth provide a comparably clear and fascinating insight into its becoming and changing. This makes the Vulkaneifel a valuable natural heritage, designated as a Nature Park as well as a UNESCO Global Geopark.