The Vulkaneifel’s geo-museums - see, touch, smell, hear


The Vulkaneifel has a number of scientific phenomena whose form is unique in the world and of significant interest to scientists and researchers. Current research projects constantly lead to new knowledge but also new questions. The geo-museums in the Vulkaneifel are a place where all this information can be gathered and discovered as it changes and moves on. It is the key to understanding this fascinating landscape and its history. Each museum has its own thematic focus and is dedicated to those aspects and the geo-scientific characteristics of the Vulkaneifel, as well as looking at natural history, history, culture and technology.

Our fundamental didactic concept is about understanding by experiencing. See, touch, feel, smell, hear – when you use all your senses even complicated contexts can be “tangible”, in the truest sense of the word. The target audience is stretched and even for those well-versed in science there is something new to learn. Children and young people will be introduced to the topics using play, with a “fun factor”. The museum often puts on accompanying or more in-depth events. This includes tours of the museums, excursions, workshops, talks and exhibitions as well as educational programmes for children and schools.


Strohn volcano house with volcano café

Volcanic phenomena from the Strohn area, formation of lava balls / lava bombs


Eifel volcano museum in Daun

Volcanic activity in the Eifel / around the world, volcanic rock, surf through time and space using interactive computer models


Maar museum in Manderscheid

Past and current maar volcanic activity, Eckfelder Maar, travel into the earth with the terranaut

Gerolstein natural history museum

Fossils, rocks and minerals from the region, archaeology, ancient and early history, interactive forest section

Geological and mineralogical collection in Hillesheim
Fossils and minerals from the Devonian, Triassic, Tertiary and Quaternary periods in the Eifel, volcanic rocks and minerals

Jünkerath Iron Museum
Eifel iron industry, iron extraction and processing, iron stove and stove plates