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Author: Professor Dr. Georg Büchel

The Eifel is a worldwide known volcanfield. This is up to the maatvolcanism, where the Eifel marks the type locality, up to the well acquired cinder-cones and the high scientific grade of exploration.


This again depends directly on very good acquiration-rates. Currently there exist so called "lava-sand-dumps", which bare an excellent view in the complex structures of the volcanoes, like e.g. crater-edge-unconformities, which document the process of reduction of former big craters or volcano-tectonic musters of breaks, which can be ascribed to crater-amplification processes or compression-structures as a result of magmatic intrusions. Besides the volcanic structures it is the structure of the unique volcanic materials, which have been excavated in the exploiting-walls, like e.g. special bomb-forms, colorrich glazes, rare minerals, heated ground- and woodleavings, which can be used for dating and rocksamples from the deeper level of the earth's crust, on which the composition of former magma can be metered.
Diggers and crawler type vehicles bare again and again new structures, which are unique and create premises to reconstruct the development of different volcano-types to detail. You cannot see this variety of phenomens from outside the volcan. So you paradoxal have to destroy the volcanoes to study them!
Presently, there are circa 20 "lava-sand-dumps" in the volcan-field of the western Eifel where high-class volcanic materials are industrial abolished and worked up. So fresh dump-walls are available, where documentations and scientific studies can be made in an excellent way. Because the exhaust of volcanic materials progresses realy fast, the exposures are available just for a short time for scientific research and touristic usage.
Together with the institut for geo-sciences of the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, the European Vulkaneifel Geopark has founded a project, which develops an acceptable concept for the assurance and the usage of the volcanic geo-potentials. The financing of the project will be supported from the Interreg IIIB-program of the European Union.
As a first step of this project we'll have to set the geo-potentials in worth, scientific and touristic. The scientific assess will essentially be made with the publication of actual results of the latest researches for the international "Community". For the touristic asses the scientific intersting localities will be defiend as touristic products and may serve as offers for the conversion of didactic targets, as exhibitions for museum-aims and/or as co-offers for geo-walks.
The conceptional researches for the conversion of this project are on the way. Lets try a look in the future: with the help of the structure-, find- and digital picture-files, geometric representations of exhausted volcanoes could be made. A meanwhile abolished volcan could be "revived" virtual three-dimensional. The concepts of the assurance of the geo-potentials could be important not only for the Vulkaneifel, but also reach the status of an international archtype.

Professor Dr. Georg Büchel is the dean of the chemic-geoscientific fuculty of the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena.